The Educational Offer

At our Steelco Headquarters, the Academy offers differentiated training courses tailored to the needs of participants: Standard and “Best Practices”, regulations and certifications, features, and usage of our devices and systems with in-depth analysis.

Lectures, workshops, webinars, technical training, and practical applications are held in the main hall and in the multifunctional rooms, including an operational space set up with a selection of Steelco devices in order to simulate technical interventions on site.

Our Numbers


Academy Square Metres

A space dedicated to developing theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to disseminate company know-how.


Training Days per Year

Symposia, lectures, workshops, webinars, technical training and practical applications are held throughout the year to transfer knowledge and share experiences.


Technical Engineers Trained each Year

To provide all the knowledge needed to ensure the best results from our products and systems.


Average Training Hours per Technician

In-depth training and continuous learning to provide highly qualified resources to ensure excellence of service in support of our customers.

Worldwide Academy and Online Training

Steelco training courses are also regularly held all over the world to allow customers, distributors, and partners a complete in-person training on all technical and commercial aspects.

Steelco Academy is also online with a multilingual theoretical-practical training system, able to shorten distances and simplify the organization of meetings with live training, video courses, webinars, and a complete program of in-depth and refresher courses that are flexible and targeted to the needs of participants.