An innovative Cleaning Out of Place (COP)

Our R&D Pharma team has recently developed an extremely innovative Cleaning Out of Place (COP) that allows combining two different specific needs: the “classic” washing of small/medium components (glassware, machine parts, or other production equipment) and the cleaning of a mobile external tank, using the same hydraulic system through flexible hoses easily reachable by the operators.

Equipped with technology able to operate customized washing cycles, in recirculation mode or in “Once through” cycle, the system is able to guarantee optimal performances thanks to the measurement of water conductivity at the end of the cycle and, optionally, to the monitoring of cleaning efficacy through TOC analyzer.

System strengths:

● Extremely flexible and novel solution: cleaning of tanks usually requires a separate washer with high capital cost, utility consumption, GMP floorspace footprint. We can combine different cleaning requirements in one single, efficient washing system.

● Customizable washing cycles, with pre-washing and rinsing with PW or WFI water, washing with detergent, and drying with HEPA filtration units.

● Optimization of water consumption and consistent reduction of washing time.

● Compliance with specific standards and certification of materials (ASME BPE, UNI EN 10204 and FDA guidelines), automation (GAMP-5), ERES electronic recording, and data storage (21 CFR part 11 / Annex 11 Data Integrity).

● Maximum reliability and compliance to URS that has exceeded the client’s expectations.

● Maximum operational safety.

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