Building a new CSSD in Bolzano, Italy

The 14 new operating theaters of the Bolzano Hospital were presented – with the participation of the ASL General Director Dott. Florian Zerzer and the Medical Director Dott. Josef Widmann. In operation since the beginning of March, these areas are of the latest generation and among the most modern in Europe. One of them is set up for robotic surgery.

We are proud to be part of the project with our CSSD solutions, which are essential for the proper functioning of operating rooms, the well-being of patients, and the daily work of doctors and operators.

The aim is to reprocess endoscopes and medical instruments used in Ospedale di Bolzano’s new operating rooms.
The project is a 1300+ sqm sterilization centre able to reprocess up to 920 DIN trays and 400 STUs per day, thus permitting more than 200 daily surgeries.

The outcome is the creation of one dedicated area for endoscope reprocessing and three areas – soiled, clean, and sterile – for the sterilization of medical instruments, all equipped with solutions to optimize space and keep operators and patients safe:

  • ATS automation to speed up baskets and trays’ loading procedures
  • several customized devices, such as multichamber and tunnel washers
  • 1600m long welded tubes to serve SteelcoChem, a centralized chemical dispensing system located on the hospitals’ basement to save space, automatically supply chemicals to different washers, and eliminate the need of continuously replacing small chemical containers
  • and SteelcoData technologies to trace instruments and endoscopes throughout their reprocessing steps.


Watch the video to see the final result and which devices have been installed.

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