Coronavirus updates (COVID-19)

Update as of 7/04/2020 on Steelco Group initiatives for the management of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Communication from the President of Steelco Group

During the last two weeks, the situation in Italy and particularly locally in the North-East of the country where Steelco production plants are located has stabilized and is improving.

The current concern is perhaps less regarding a too rapid spread of infection transmissions (this is the specific objective of the targeted shutdown) but focused on the economic and consequently social aspects.

The restrictions in terms of resumption of production activities and free movement of people have been prolonged by the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Government until 13 April 2020. The possibility of continuing production activities of companies supplying essential goods and services remains.

In recent weeks Steelco has been engaged simultaneously on several fronts:

  • on the domestic front, with the resumption of production activities now extended also to the production lines of large-capacity instrument washers, trolley washers, and endoscope washers with the maintenance of individual operator’s personal safety protection levels.
  • on the external front with the full support of technical service assistance as well as consultancy activities to answer the numerous requests regarding the reprocessing of personal protective equipment lacking in this phase of the emergency worldwide (respiratory masks, respiratory treatment equipment used during intensive care). Dedicated technical documentation is, as usual, disseminated to the entire organization through the Group’s information platform.
  • Immediate emergency assistance as well as solidarity initiatives.
  • For future solutions, undertaking research and innovation projects to contain the spread of the virus and assist patient care.

To date, the active product lines are bedpan washers, large capacity instrument washers, and related automation systems, trolley washers, endoscope washers, steam sterilizers, low-temperature sterilizers, plants connected to pharmaceutical production. The current production levels of the product lines are around 60% of the maximum production capacity with an impact of 4/6 weeks on delivery times.

Up to now, there have been no negative impacts on the reception and fulfillment of spare parts orders.

The remaining company activities are more than satisfactorily functioning in smart working mode.

I would like to personally thank all the operators in the different departments for their commitment and, in particular, the employees of the production lines who have made themselves available for work in the company during these difficult times to protect the continuity of our services and to safeguard their colleagues, who are more fragile to the medical consequences of a possible virus infection of the virus.

Thank you all …everything will be fine!


Fabio Zardini
President of Steelco Group

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