Completed a FAT for a AC 3500 tunnel washer customized

We have just successfully completed a FAT for a AC 3500 tunnel washer with highly challenging client requirements.
Our client was looking to replace an old tunnel washer used for reprocessing plastic and metallic trays.
The three main challenges were:
🔺 Guaranteeing washing and drying efficiency combined with short cycles times
🔺 Finding long-lasting solutions which promote sustainable development, improve energy efficiency, as well as decrease the environmental burden caused by energy use.
🔺 Last but not least, the unit must be connected to client's network and tracking system and able to generate batch reports in pdf validated with electronic signature.

Steelco FAT AC 3500 9931 16x9

The AC 3500 with our FDA - CFR 21 part 11 compliant controller was the right solution to meet and exceed this challenge.

Steelco solutions

MITO AC 3500

MITO AC 3500

Automatische Tunnelreinigungsanlage, modular aufgebaut und individuell anpassbar für kundenspezifische Lösungen.

Als Antwort auf die wachsende Nachfrage nach kompakten Systemen für die automatische Aufbereitung von Tierkäfigen bietet MITO AC 3500 eine integrierte und flexible Lösung.