NCG & 4DIR Sensors

The only sensor that can measure the Non-Condenseable Gases (NCGs) and quantify them in every steam sterilization process.
With the measured percentage of NCGs and chamber temperature the sterilization conditions, as specified in EN285:2015, are verified and the load can be released for use.
NCG sensor allows a parametric release based upon directly measured sterilization parameters!
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The only commercially available sensor that ensures the control of sterilization conditions as required by regulations such as EN 285.
Steam presence, density and penetration are verified by state-of-the-art direct measuring of the sterilant conditions at the closed end of a 70 cm constant diameter metal pipe.
This represents the most challenging "worst case" hollow instrument in a Sterile Barrier System.
The most significant step forward in instrument steam sterilization process safety since Bowie & Dick test (1963).


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