Surgical Set Packaging

SUIS, Automation and Artificial Intelligence for Process Safety.

In-house or outsourced sterilization services share the size and complexity of a medium-sized, multi-client specialist company. The service is of primary importance for patient safety and must at the same time guarantee traceability, consistency, and workflow optimization. The packaging of surgical sets is one of the most critical phases that has not yet benefited from automation procedures already standard in the washing and sterilization phases. The fundamental contribution of human intervention in such a complex activity offers potentialities and criticalities: staff with different experiences, training of new operators, specialized procedures, need of back up.


Introducing artificial intelligence to serve surgical set packaging helps guide procedures, reduce the complexity and risks of human error. SUIS, the revolutionary system of visual identification of surgical devices and guidance during the packaging procedures, guides staff step-by-step through set packaging procedures. It prevents identification errors, reduces procedure time, particularly for complex loan sets, and becomes an excellent aid to training new staff.
This leading technology is an innovative vision system based on artificial intelligence, quickly identifying the surgical instruments at once. It works without DataMatrix or RFID and does not need any alterations or marks on the surgical instruments, identifying the surgical instruments of a kit by their shape. SUIS identifies surgical instruments, outlines extraneous items in the kit, and guides the operator through the sequence.


Steelco solutions

SteelcoData Pro

SteelcoData Pro

Dieses System ermöglicht die Überwachung der jeweiligen Prozessschritte der Sets sowie der einzelnen Instrumente; von der Verwendung im OP, Wiederaufbereitung, Transport und Lagerung, bis zum nächsten Einsatz im OP.

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