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Steelco Hungary published in a Hungarian hospital magazine

KH 2017 01 P28-29 STEELCOReporter: In what direction has the world of sterilization been heading the last few years in Hungary?

J. Salomon: The steady investment ofthe last few years already shows positive results and improvements in the quality of medical care. At the end of last year the government allocated €50 million for further hospital technical developments, part of which funded 20 projects involving CCSD centres ranging from the replacement of a single machine to complete renovations. Preliminary feedback indicates that Steelco was successful in about 50% of these tenders and will be supplying approximately 15 additional sterilizers during the next few months and strengthening our market position in Hungary

Reporter: And in what direction is Steelco heading?

J. Salomon: Steelco Hungary will be 8 years old this year and we will continue to be solely focused on hospital CSSDs and associated areas. We provide technical service in around 60 CSSDs in Hungary and are becoming known by CSSDs professionals and hospital management as the experts in the reprocessing of medical devices. 2 years ago we delivered 100 bedpan washers as part of a government investment initiative and today we have over 200 bedpan washers installed in over 40 hospitals. An example of the expansion of our footprint within infection control is the addition of the Steelco endoscopy range to our portfolio.

Reporter: What did you supply as part of the €50 million hospital technical investment fund?

J. Salomon: Many hospital CSSD departments were last modernised 10 or more years ago and although the sterilizers are functioning well, the washers are past their expected ideal life expectancy and have become less reliable and more expensive to maintain. The replacement of one or two washers can greatly reduce the operating costs of the department and also increase the capacity of the CSSD.

Reporter: As you have been so successful in this area why branch out into new areas?

J. Salomon: During the last decade Steelco in Hungary has become an important supplier, able to offer solutions that are used globally in areas such as instrument washing and disinfection, steam, hydrogen peroxide or formaldehyde sterilization, as well as smaller associated equipment and furniture as a complete solution provider. Steelco Hungary has not previously offered the Steelco endoscopy range which as shown at the Medica 2016 exhibition offers many innovations.

Reporter: What are the key points of endoscope washing and sterilization?

J. Salomon: Just to be clear, rigid laparoscopes or endoscopes are cleaned in the type of equipment we already supply to CSSDs. Flexible endoscopes require specialised treatment. Hand and mechanized washing and decontamination, requires technology that cleans and disinfects the inside and exterior of these instruments and regularly monitors their condition and suitability for use. This is the purpose of Steelco endoscope reprocessing systems. The first step is the automated pre-cleaning of endoscopes in the sink according to the steps of traditional manual cleaning. After this, the endoscope reprocessor cleans and disinfects the scope which then is transported and stored in the specialised dedicated equipment. Associated with the reprocessing of endoscopes are tracking systems that record every step of the process and which are already installed in a number of Hungarian CSSDs.

Reporter: How are endoscopes treated in Hungary?

J. Salomon: Several thousand endoscopes and colonoscopes are used daily in Hungarian government and private hospitals. In our experience in major institutions, good work practices are followed with an endoscope reprocessor, undertaking 10 to 15 cycles a day. In smaller institutions or walk in centres the situation is often not as good with semi-automated solutions. In such places, our suspicions are aroused when we see endoscopes on a hanger with water dripping left to dry.

Reporter: Let’s not even think of that. What solutions can Steelco offer?

J. Salomon: As with its CSSD equipment, Steelco can offer excellent equipment developed according to scientific best practice, that are manufactured from first class reliable components. Steelco hired 5 years ago Monica Menin Ostani a world renown specialist in this area who developed with Steelco’s assistance the endoscope product portfolio.   Steelco Hungary followed the same strategy when we approached Katalin Koroknay who is well known and respected within Hungarian endoscopy circles and who will assist in our expansion into this market area.

KATALIN KOROKNAY - The endoscopy expert
Katalin Koroknay finished her studies as a pharmacist in 1991 at the Semmelweis University. From 2005 onwards she worked for 2 years for Olympus’ Hungarian endoscope division and then for 6 years for their Hungarian distributor. Katalin joined Steelco Hungary in April 2017 as its endoscopy consultant.

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