The importance of monitoring the amount of non-condensable gases (NCGs) in every sterilization process

The innovative NCG sensor is the only sensor that can measure the Non Condenseable Gases (NCGs), quantified and in every steam sterilization process. With the measured percentage of NCGs and chamber temperature the sterilization conditions, as specified in EN285:2015, can be verified.

With this evidence the sterilized load can be released for use; parametric release based upon directly measured sterilization parameters!

Steelco is the exclusive distributor of NCG Sensor by SolidToo-LOGO-RGB

Which are the benefits?

NCG sensor

Automatic data processing: The NCG sensor operates and measures independently from the sterilizer and is connected to a validation port of the sterilizer. Every process is registered and stored in a digital file.

Independent measurements of every process: Monitors in every steam sterilization process the physical steam composition (EN285 clause 13.3.1, 13.3.2, 13.3.3) in the location that really matter.

Measurable and reproducible processes: Easy to read and understand Every Load Monitoring (ELM) protocols.

Reduction of production time and increased sustainability: Makes the daily steam penetration test (EN285:2015 clause 8.1) and routine vacuum test obsolete (EN285:2015 clausule 8.2.3). This results in a reduction of energy consumption, use of staff resources and prolongs the lifespan of the sterilizer.


A practical guide is available, it includes:

  • Questions and Answers. To quickly get into the topic on how the NCG sensor technology can improve sterilization process safety.
  • Scientific literature and additional comments.
  • Deep dives on related topics.

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