Innovative products for sterilization increasing demands

Steelco has developed a full range of high capacity autoclaves to get the perfect solution for any central sterilization supply department or theatre sterile supply unit. The most outstanding features of these sterilizers are: versatility, easy handling, high performance and reliability.

From the processing of a single STU up to 18 STU per cycle, each model of our full range of steam sterilizers combines high productivity with cost efficiency: an effective solution to improve the economy of the CSSD.

Saving system energy

vs-series-innovative-systemThe sterilization cycle has been specifically conceived to reduce time and energy consumption, thus improving the efficiency of the phases before and after sterilization.

During the initial stage, repeated pulses allows to gain the vacuum status much faster in order to reach an homogneous chamber saturation.

Diring the final stage, the fractional vacuum phase makes it possible to better extract steam and water waste, thus reducing the drying activity while maintaining high performances.


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