Steelco Academy landed to Kuwait

Steelco Academy  landed to KUWAIT

During the learning session the main focus was a deep dive into procedures, international standards and future trends in the flexible endoscopes reprocessing steps, with a clear highlight on the importance of traceability, automation and safety.

Steelco Academy worked closely with its local distributor Trialpha, which contributed to an outstanding organization.

This two-days event saw the active participation of 120 attendees, coming from 30 different hospitals and clinics of Kuwait.

Steelco Academy Kuwait gallery

The engaged and vibrant attendance of the public contributed to the creation of an highly interactive training experience for the mutual benefit of both the participants and the speakers.

Steelco Academy is proud to have played an active role in spreading best practices and gold standards in the region: the culture of education and lifelong learning that we are striving to export in the world is the secret ingredient for the pursue of safety in Endoscopy Departments.

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Steelco Academy Kuwait gallery

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