Steelco at Arab Health 2017


NEW PL 130 hydrogen peroxide low temperature sterilizer: offering fast and effective sterilization of delicate instruments including long lumens.
VS 8 steam sterilizer: displayed as a freestanding model fitted with ECO 3 water and energy saving option.
Washer Disinfectors
Complete range for different size hospitals.

US 300 ultrasonic washer disinfector:
for automated reprocessing, now with approved solution for DaVinci robotic instruments.
DS 610 and DS 1000 washers: featuring fast processing, high capacity, with low utility costs and automated loading options.
NEW Automated endoscope system
Steelco provides complete solutions to ensures safe handling and reprocessing of endoscopes. Full endoscope reprocessing solutions range, including:

NEW OCS One time connection system for Steelco automated manual cleaning, endoscope reprocessors and storage cabinets.
EPW 100
for manual cleaning phase assistance.
NEW EW 1 S and EW 2 S
endoscope reprocessors with innovations.
ED 200 drying cabinet
fully complying with the latest
EN 16442, 2015 standard.
NEW CSSD Project design service
for planners & architects
Steelco can now provide complete workflow solutions including not only equipment but also a comprehensive range of furniture for the soiled, clean and sterile areas of CSSDs, with the capability of undertaking capacity demand calculation and layout planning with design in both 2D and 3D. Workstations such as the packing table are custom made to individual CSSD requirements to ensure high productivity whilst optimizing workflow and ergonomics.



STEELCO SURE STEELCOWash monitoring and sterilization indicators
NEW SteelcoSure wash monitoring and sterilization indicators

• Test soil and monitors for washers
• Monitors for ultrasonic units
• Biological and chemical indicators for sterilizers
• Protein tests for surfaces, instruments and endoscopes

A world leading company in infection control

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