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Independent process monitoring is commonly used in CSSDs for independent verification of the performance of ultrasonic baths, washers, steam as well as low temperature sterilizers and endoscope reprocessors.

Steelco has developed a range of monitors and indicators designed for use in its own and other manufacturers' equipment to independently verify correct washing, decontamination or sterilization performance.

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Washing products include wash and ultrasonic monitors and residual protein tests. Bowie Dick and Helix tests are available for steam sterilizers as well as Type 1, 4 and 6 chemical and biological indicators. Chemistry concentration indicators for endoscopy as well as long lumen protein tests have been developed. Chemical, as well as biological indicators are available for vaporized hydrogen peroxide low temperature sterilizers.

SteelcoSure Products are in stock in Steelco with instructions for use in 6 languages as well as technical data sheets and a poster showing unprocessed products as well as passes and failures.

A motivation for Steelco in launching the range is that a number of other products available in the marketplace do not seem to follow guidelines and indicate pass results when they should not.

SteelcoSure Gallery

SteelcoSure Gallery

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