Steelco, first and unique in the market, has the solution for the safe disposal of drainage bags. By automatic treatment of contaminated drainage bags, plastic bags residues become disposal as general waste or following ecolabel recycle indications.

The bag is cut, washed and thermodisinfected with steam at 80°C for 1 minute. At the end of the process the bag is no more contaminated and has become a disposable product.

Drainage bags simply have to be inserted in the special support inside the machine with no contact with other parts except cover and control panel. The machine is equipped with all needed safety devices. The reduced dimensions allow the use of this device directly in the hospital ward elevating hygienic safety of the staff by reducing drainage bag manipulation and transport.

+ economical saving
no costs for disposal of contaminated bags
+ environmental benefits
no incineration, plastic can be recycled
+ staff safety
contaminated bag manipulation is reduced
+ odor-free disposal
chemical wash phase eliminates smell sources

    • Dimensions WxDxH:
      700mm x 610mm x 1047mm
      27.56'' x 24.02'' x 41.22".
    • Steelcotronic control system, with autodiagnostic checking that constantly monitors and displays current cycle status and alarms. Control panel is safe to use and simple to understand.
    • Drainage bags are loaded at an ergonomic working height.
    • Door chamber is locked during the whole cycle, door opening is possible only once disinfection is complete.
    • Automatic multi blade system.
    • Up 2 two drainage bag simultaneous treatment. 
    • Multi-jet system for the internal washing and machine auto cleaning.
    • Built-in steam generator for steam disinfection at 80°C.
    • Lime-scale remover and detergent pumps are standard equipment.

    Steelco Fly Cutter complies with the European guidelines on decontamination: EN ISO 15883-1/3.


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