LAB 900

Steelco LAB 900 high capacity glassware washer has been developed for laboratories that require to clean large quantities of items on a daily basis. The device incorporates a powerful filtered hot air drying system.

The device allows the simultaneous use of up to three injection washing carts on four levels. The upper levels can be placed at different water/air connections depending on the height of the loaded glassware. Steelco LAB 900 accepts a variety of interchangeable standard and injection baskets and is capable of cleaning bottles and carboys up to 100 lt / 26.42 Gal US capacity.


    • Full visibility motorized sliding up door made of double HST temperate glass.
    • Steelcotronic control panel with LCD display to visualize cycle status with 20 standard programs for laboratory glassware and 20 additional custom programs available for customization.
    • RS 232 port for printer connection to monitor and validate washing phases.
    • Ergonomic design of the door level height allows to the user a convenient loading/unloading job with the support of a manual loading/unloading trolley.
    • Telescopic bearing rails enable easy and safe loading/unloading of the glassware.



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