AC 7500

The AC 7500 series cage and rack washer is a heavy duty, large capacity, hydro-spray, steam or electric heated washer specifically designed to support the throughput of medium and large size facilities.
The compact size and frontal access for servicing allow it to be installed in premises of reduced dimensions.

The AC 7500 is standard equipped with two side heated water tanks (one for the wash solution and one for the rinse water) and two dosage units, results in greater flexibility in cycle development.
The rinse circuit is separate from the wash circuit. Multiple oscillating spray arms guarantee a complete and continuous coverage of the load and the chamber providing excellent wash results in a short cycle time.

The AC 7500 cage and rack washer features swing doors, operator multi-language touch screen HMI with auto diagnostic checking that constantly monitors and displays status.
The AC 7500 airtight chamber allows the machine to be used as a decontamination chamber for:
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Chlorine Dioxide
• Chemical fogging
• Thermal disinfection with clean steam


    AC 7500 chamber steel nozzel  web

    • Single door (stainless steel with window or full glass) with inflatable door gasket for chamber air tightness
    • Optional second door with interlock function available - for SPF pass‐through application
    • Chamber made of 316L stainless steel
    • Chamber light
    • Double safety cable inside the chamber
    • Chamber static floor screens with adjustable-removable runners
    • Full wash and rinse separated circuits
    • One side tank for the recirculation of the wash solution
    • One side tank to pre-heat the final rinse water, equipped with a dedicated rinse pump
    • Pneumatically driven oscillating spraying arms
    • Steam or electric
    • Tool‐free in‐line self‐cleaning filter
    • Two dosage units (on board)
    • Industrial PLC with Touch Screen HMI and USB port
    • Tele-service ready
    • Self-start feature

    Overall size: may vary depending on chosen options
    Chamber Depth:
    2300mm (90")
    Door passage WxH: 
    1170x2150mm (461/16" x 845/8")
    Pit depth: 
    100mm (315/16")

    Customized chamber is available upon request. Washer can be designed to any size to meet new or existing applications.


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