AC 1500



Steelco AC 1500 cabinet washer is the perfect solution for your smallmedium facility needs or the ideal backup unit for your large vivarium. The three levels oscillating spray arms assure extremely low cycle time and utility consumptions with unmatchable washing results.

  • Automatic vertical sliding door made of double HST tempered glass.
  • Separate washing and rinsing circuits
  • Oscillating spray arms
  • Two inclinable slide out trays for easy loading and unloading
  • Up to 32 mice cages per load
  • Self-cleaning filter
  • Detergent cabinet with capacity of up to four 20 lt. / 5,28 US gal containers

AC-1500-load-cages-A  AC-1500-spray-arms

AC-1500-detergent-cabinet  AC-1500-self-cleaning-filter


Aquatic tank package
• Upgrade to wash pump with variable frequency drive
• 3 chemical dosage pumps
• Conductivity probe for the wash tank
• Flow meters to monitor the amount of chemicals used for different phases of the cycle



    Washers dimensions WxDxH mm/inches:
    2050 x 920 x 2050 mm / 80.71 x 36.22 x 80.71 inches


    • Steam or electric heating
    • Double door pass-through configuration available.
    • Chamber and doors entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316L
    • External body made of stainless steel AISI 304.
    • Oscillating spray arms positioned on the top, middle and bottom levels of the washing chamber.
    • An adjustable inclination system with three different possible angles for optimized load presentation.
    • Independent rinsing circuit.
    • Multi stage filtering system.
    • Self-cleaning filter for the recirculation of washing water.
    • Washing pump pressure switch.
    • Sanitization by rinsing at 85°C/185°F.
    • Tank and sump temperature check.
    • Equipped with 1 chemical dosing pump as standard, controlled by a microprocessor which allows to set the optimal dosing level for each type of cycle.
    • The presence of detergent in the drum is monitored and in case of low level, the control system warns with an alarm.
    • Industrial PLC with Touch Screen HMI and USB port.
    • RS 232 port for printer connection.
    • Detergent cabinet with capacity of up to four 20 lt / 5,28 US gal containers.
    • Tele-service ready
    • Tablet connectivity ready
    • Software utilities consumption E-meter
    • Self-start feature.
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