CSSD furniture and accessories

CSSDs furniture

A comprehensive range of equipment
and accessories to maximize performance

We offer the optimal solution for equipping individual facilities with furniture, small equipment and accessories specifically designed to comply with standards and work practices found in modern CSSDs.

Our team of planners has considerable experience in designing solutions that cover both new build and refurbishing current facilities. We can either use existing client drawings or prepare new proposals to best meet a customer’s expectations whilst respecting budget needs.

Steelco has an especially strong track record in undertaking complex automation projects or customizing solutions in existing departments with architectural challenges.


Soiled instruments and other used goods arrive from the operating room, wards and various departments in containers and baskets.

Department layouts are designed to handle different type of goods and reprocessing requirements which may include manual cleaning and ultrasonic processing prior to cleaning and disinfection in washers and cart washers.


Following automated cleaning and disinfection, goods are not sterile but are safe to handle and ready to be sorted, inspected and packed.

Steelco has a modular approach to designing and building packing workstations around operators according to the tasks they need to perform. This helps to maximize productivity and safety whilst at the same time creating ergonomic solutions and a pleasant work environment.

Once goods have been sterilized, they are in the sterile zone and either transported immediately to their point of use or stored ready for transfer.

Steelco has a number of different storage, transfer and transport solutions for DIN and ISO size containers as well as wrapped goods and pouches.

Download the pdf catalog for more details.


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