EPW 100

The EPW 100 allows the complete assistance of manual cleaning, taking care of the most stressing repeated actions (syringe flushing & rinsing) and drastically reducing the risk of errors.

Manual Cleaning automation!
Leak test, channel flushing & rinsing.

Fast cycle start up
Endoscope and operator are hygenically selected by the “built in“ barcode reader.

Process traceability
Detailed print report of all the cycle phases.

Suitable for organic residual sampling
Immediately after the channels rinsing phase.


    External dimensions (WxDxH):
    450x280x240h mm / 17.71”x11.02”x9.45”

    • Built in printer for cycle Traceability.
    • Detergent inlet connection.
    • Instrument and operator identification through bar code reader.
    • Friendly HMI.
    • Detergent dosing connection.
    • Channels connections for instrument flushing.
    • Leakage test connection.

    Steelco EPW 100 is classified on I class, according to the annex VI 93/42EEC Medical Device. It also fulfils the European EN 61010-1, EN 61010- 2-040, EN 61326-1, EN ISO 14971 requirements.


    1_Ares, catalogue


    1_Ares, catalogue OCS


    2_EW 1, dedicated catalogue



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