EPW 100

Banner-product-EPW-100Steelco EPW 100 device assists operators during manual cleaning phase by leak testing endoscopes, flushing and rinsing channels, eliminating the risk of stress induced injuries and providing a permanent record of the process that can be printed, transfered to a USB stick or integrated into SteelcoData.


Manual Cleaning automation!
Leak test, channel flushing & rinsing

Fast cycle start up
Endoscope and operator are hygenically selected by the “built in“ barcode reader or RFID system

Process traceability
Detailed print report of all the cycle phases, transfered to a USB stick or integrated into SteelcoData.

Suitable for organic residual sampling
Immediately after the channels rinsing phase.


This systems allows total immersion of endoscopes according to most European country guidelines.



Sinks and furniture for manual cleaning
Different sized sinks and furniture specifically designed to assist manual cleaning are available.
Furthermore, the sink cabinet can be with automatic filling and draining.

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