EW 1 S



Automated endoscope reprocessor with One-time Connection System for low temperature treatment. 

Single or double door version, dedicated carts for flexible and rigid endoscopes. Automatic and programmable thermal self disinfection cycle. Full washing chamber air drying available.

Workflow optimization: dedicated mesh baskets are compatible with Steelco ED S series of drying cabinets, trolleys and storage cassette.

Furthermore, a dedicated duodenoscope tool kit has been studied to improve safety, thus boosting the reprocessing efficacy.


  • Fully compliant to UNI EN ISO 15883-4
  • Automatic door opening and ergonomic loading
  • OCS connection system
  • Full Traceability
  • Dedicated accessories for duodenoscope reprocessing
  • Steelco Challenge Device Kit for cleaning efficacy check

The configuration “rack” is available to optimize spaces and reprocess asynchronously of more endoscopes


Optimal performance with Steelco chemicals
By using Steelco process chemicals the EW 1 automatic endoscope reprocessor reaches the highest efficiency results proven by microbiological tests together with complete documentation and instruments maximum safety conditions.



What is the level of treatment required for your endoscopes?
Now you have the freedom to choose the most suitable and safe process!




Banner-product-EW-1-disinfectedEW 1 "S" system is  also compliant to ISO 15883-4 with fast validated High Level Disinfection cycles that allow a fast endoscopes turnover in busy Departments.
Banner-product-EW-1-sterilizedEW 1 "S" echnology has been validated according to ISO 14937 - as a Liquid Sterilizer - in line with customers needs and endoscope reprocessing latest requirements to fulfill Pneumology, Urology and Gastroenterology Departments requests of higher standard of logarithmic reduction.


 This functionality depends to the registration in the country of destinations of the chemicals Steelco Xide A, B, DT.


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