SteelcoData Live & Ares software

Software for the total monitoring of the flexible endoscope reprocessing

ARES goal is to support endoscopic departments with the most modern technology to guarantee a safe, ergonomic and time & cost efficient process, the hygienic safety for staff and patients, the complete traceability and total process monitoring.

Main functions for the total process monitoring are:

  • Validation of the process.
  • Monitoring of the devices.
  • Statistics of reprocessing cycles.
  • Statistics of consumptions.
  • Database of instruments, doctors and patients on each machine.
  • Interactions between endoscopic instruments.
  • Printouts.

Enhanced functions to consequence of the centralization of the database; monitored phases:

  • Endoscope use.
  • Manual cleaning.
  • Endoscope automatic reprocessing.
  • Endoscope drying/storage.
  • Every waiting time between the main phases of the process.
  • Instruments at technical service or temporary off site (allowing software adoption by external reprocessing services).


Database syncronization:

  • Operator and instrument lists and status are always up to date on every device/machine and during every process stage/station.
  • The whole instrument process as well as blocks, warnings, messages are available from every process stage station.

Access control:

  • List High-level operator access controls: operator access on 10 levels from simple user up to the capability to override system safety blocks.


The system has input devices which keyboard, touch screen, barcode or RFID reader.

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