PL 70

Safe and cost effective low temperature sterilization

User friendly low temperature vaporized H2O2 technology (VH2O2) with low power and energy consumption. The sterilisation is carried out by diffusing hydrogen peroxide vapour inside the chamber under vacuum obtained from a liquid solution, composed of 58% sterilizing agent.

Thanks to the gas plasma action the hydrogen peroxide used during the process decomposes into water and oxygen for safe release into the environment. VH2O2 sterilization provides user safety and is environmental friendly.

  • Plug & Play installation, no additional facilities required

  • Small footprint, built-in 4 wheels with locking system

  • No toxic or hazardous residue either for operator or the environment

  • A different fast, validated, monitored and traced cycles

  • Fast instruments turnaround with low running costs



    • User interface 7” or 10” user friendly control panel
    • Chamber desing: 316 L Stainless steel rectangular chamber with easy loading shelf(s)
    • Four work cycles: FAST CYCLE (no lumen cycle), FLEX CYCLE, STANDARD CYCLE, INTENSIVE CYCLE
    • Manual hinged door
    • Printer and backup. USB port and SD Card for data backup.
    • Connectivity to instrument tracking systems.
    • Sterilization agent SteelcoPro PL
    • Biological & chemical indicators SteelcoSure


    PL 70/1 Single door, 82 litres / 2.88 ft3 capacity
    Chamber dimension W x D x H 450 x 825 x 220 mm / 17.72” x 32.48” x 8.66”
    External dimension W x D x H 642 x 920 x 1630 mm / 25.28” x 36.22” x 64.17”

    PL 70/2 double door, 84 litres / 3 ft3 capacity
    Chamber dimension W x D x H 450 x 850 x 220 mm / 17.72” x 33.46” x 8.66"
    External dimension W x D x H 642 x 990 x 1630 mm / 25.28” x 38.97” x 64.17"

    Standard compliant: Designed and built for compliance with ANSI/AAMI/ISO Standard 14937

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