PL 40

Compact solution in total safety

User friendly low temperature vaporized H2O2 technology (VH2O2) with low power and energy consumption. Thanks to the gas plasma action the hydrogen peroxide used during the process decomposes into water and oxygen for safe release into the environment. VH2O2 sterilization provides user safety and is environmental friendly. The single 58% hydrogen peroxide cartridge is able to perform 2 validated cycles including overkill.

The four work cycles are programmed at the factory, validated and available for running from the control panel.
Leak test is part of the standard service programs and can be time scheduled.


  • Safe operation during both loading and removing empty sterilant cartridge

  • RFID identified sterilant cartridge for safe use

  • Minimized risk of cycle interruption

  • Small footprint and minimized electrical requirements (230 V~ + PE /50-60 Hz)



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