VS 4-12 G2 Series

Steelco has developed a full range of high capacity steam sterilizers for the perfect solution from the smallest facility to the largest central sterilzation supply department. Steelco sterilizers offer: versatility, safety, high performance, with low cost of ownership and traceability.

ATS VS 600From the processing of 4 STU up to 12 STU per cycle, each model in the range of steam sterilizers combines high productivity with cost efficiency: an effective tool to improve CSSD running costs.

Thanks to the Steelco ATS automatic load transfer system dedicated to the sterilizers, your CSSD management processes will be even more efficiently.
A specially designed automation for departments where time and space are critical. A shuttle loader moves along the sterilizers and loads the racks automatically into the first available sterilizer.

Leading in process safety innovation

4D-Sensor4DIR sensor technology is a breakthrough innovation in steam sterilization monitoring. It performs state-of-the-art steam saturation and penetration monitoring by directly measuring sterilant conditions of every load as required by the standards (EN 285:2015, ISO 17665- 1:2006 clause 10.1)!

Discover more How does the 4DIR sensor work.



    VS G2 sterilizers improve processes in terms of safety and quality of performance with advanced features. Find out more about what Steelco and Miele R&D have developed together.
    ECO OPTIONS: Steelco's range of high-end solutions to save water and energy.
    Steelco's range includes accessories to improve the efficiency of the CSSD, loading carts, systems for stacking baskets and containers, semiautomatic transfer trolleys with adjustable height, as well as conveyors, windows and pass-through hatches.
    Our aim is to provide customers with the fastest possible sterilization processes in compliance with international and local standards, always considering to the load and Sterile Barrier System.
    VS G2 series steam sterilizers define a new standard in quality, ergonomics, and safety!

    Standard compliant
    The Steelco sterilizers autoclaves are designed and constructed to comply with the latest guidelines: 93/42/EEC and its revised version, 2014/68/EU (PED), EN 285, EN ISO 14971, EN ISO 17665-1, IEC EN 61010-1, IEC EN 61010-2-040, EN 62366-1, IEC EN 61326-1.

    Not available for sales USA market.


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