SteelcoData Ares

Complete endoscope reprocessing traceability

SteelcoData Ares interfaceThe software is designed to meet the operational requirements of the endoscopic room, track information in a timely manner and provide information to maintain a high level of production. SteelcoData Ares is a technologically innovative IT traceability tool that improves the reprocessing performance of endoscopy departments in an integrated way. The system is able to perform an effective control on each activity carried out.

Full traceability of procedures in all areas of the endoscopy department, at the endoscope point of use and external service. The software architecture is based on different control points that each endoscope must pass to be processed in order to move to the next area / functionality.

SteelcoData Ares can handle input from both barcode or RFID identification systems and display information on any device with a web browser.

TRACEABILITY DATA: By storing all the relevant information of the endoscope hystory SteelcoData Ares makes any search simple and easy. It’s possible to visualize all the details needed: Date of processing, Operator, Machine, Patient, Cycle number, Doctor, Compliance of the cycle.

Discover the endoscope reprocessing traceability workflow of SteelcoData Ares and its benefits, read the brochure from download tab here below.

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