SteelcoData Pro

Sterilization management & traceability system

SteelcoData Pro interface

The software has been designed to accomplish operational needs of central sterile service departments (CSSDs), to trace efficiently information and to provide CSSDs with an accurate monitoring tool that helps keeping high productivity standards.

The system can efficiently monitor activities in every area of the CSSD so that sterile departments can progressively improve perfect their services and results. Modularity is SteelcoData Pro's main feature: the different areas of the CSSD are provided with different modules that cover all their different needs. This modular architecture allows the system to be easily modified in future due to improvements and/or to different needs of CSSDs.

MANAGEMENT CONTROL AND COST ACCOUNTING. SteelcoData Pro records information about production, warehouse handlings, shipment, tracking times spent between the different departments/areas and procedures. For this reason it can easily analyze production costs for cost centre.


  • WEB INTERFACE – CLOUD READY. Users can log into the system using a standard browser from any workstation within the corporate intranet or using the Internet if they are outside of the hospital. No client installation is required.
  • MULTI INPUT MODE. Touch Screen, Vocal control, Barcode, DatamatrixTM, RFID Tags, 3d Scanner.
  • MODULAR. SteelcoData PRO can be implemented in time with ad-ditional modules according to the specific needs of the customer.
  • PARAMETERIZABLE. Configured using access policies that allow operators to display only information in their area of competence.
  • INTEGRATION. Integration with the different equipments used in the CSSD and collection of their information, integration with administration & finance and warehouse systems.
  • MULTI... Multi customers and CSSDs, Multi platform and multi database.
  • USER FRIENDLY. Guided procedures and simple user interface (touchscreen monitors).

Discover the surgical instruments management workflow of SteelcoData Pro and its benefits, read the brochure from download tab here below.

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