Control system and integrated architecture

User friendly control systems developed according to the latest GAMP and design for 21 CFR Part 11 available, sourced from the best available suppliers avoiding customized electronics.

Steelco can provide software source codes, allowing its customers to become owners of the control system of the machine (“open source architecture”). System platforms available include Siemens and Allen-Bradley which are easily integrated with those already installed by pharmaceutical companies.

Software is developed in compliance with current coding rules and programming and according to standard ISA 88, ISA 95, IEC 61131-3 standard & GAMP 5.

Steelco can install new equipment into an existing automation system through the adoption of a simple (HMI) or more sophisticated (SCADA) man-machine interface.

In compliance with the individual internal policies of each customer, Steelco offers remote service access by using virtual private networks to ensure the confidentiality and safety of all transferred data.


    Our machines are level 1 and 2 of the standard ISA 95, with the ability to connect and supply all the next levels.


    International standards: ISA 88 Standard addressing batch process control; ISA 95 Enterprise-Control System Integration; IEC 61131 Programmable controllers.

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