LC 80 PH Series, Cabinet washing system


For the perfect cleaning

LC 80 PH is a versatile system to wash containers, large components, ultracentrifuges, bulk chemicals: developed for all applications where it is necessary to treat large volume of items or large diameter components.

The machine base, manufactured with easy removable continuous modules, allows the operator to walk with safety on it. The lateral rotating washing tubes achieve perfect washing results. High performance efficiency with steam heater versions available.

√ Highest cleaning performance
√ Easy cart connections
√ Double drying unit with capacity of 1000 m3/hour
√ Lateral rotating washing pipes with nozzles
√ Repeatable and validatable


LC-80-manifold 2 LC-80-manifoldWashing carts dedicated to: Glassware; Filling line components and tools; Tubing, TC fittings; Valve and pump bodies, filter housings; Reactor vessels and diverse equipment, Bulk containers, tanks and carboys.

Easy cart connection
Machines can be equipped with special cart connections for water injection. Manual or automatic versions are available.

Inspection, testing, documentation and training
We believe on the importance to show and to demonstrate that all the steps of the manufacturing processes, starting from the specifications and the component selection up to the assembly and factory testing are made in accordance with the customer specifications and performance requirements. Steelco can furthermore demonstrate and document that our quality control program strictly follows the Good Engineering Practice. Steelco follows the ISPE's GAMP guidelines to respect the project execution and the supplying of the documentation to support the customer's qualifications.

Comprehensive validation support documentation
» To ensure compliance with specifications and documentation is maintained, in-process checking is performed during the manufacturing process.
» A FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is made on each unit and a complete set of documentation is supplied to the customer together with installation, user and instruction manual when the machine is delivered.
» On request Pre-Qualification of the system can be supplied: this will carry out the same test procedures as defined in the IQ-OQ protocols to be later performed on site as part of the validation process. This procedure will help the start up of the machine pointing out any minor issue with the equipment and the documentation and precede the site acceptance testing which will be performed later on.


    The heater is made to a special design to ensures self cleaning and avoid water stagnation points.

    Air filtering system with HEPA H14 or ULPA filters, DOP test connections and filter status check with pressure system.

    Cleaning nozzles
    Washing nozzles easy to disassemble for the periodic maintenance.
    Detail thoroughness
    Each small cavity is reached. The complete washing of the inlet connections for the chemical products is assured thanks to special dedicated and correspondingly placed nozzles.

    Fully accessible operating area
    The machine is developed taking into consideration access of technicians to the maintenance and service area.

    Control system for chemical dosing with protection of components available.

    Self cleaning chamber
    Self cleaning chamber with nozzles positioned at critical points and sloped surfaces to ensure that no residual water is left.

    Cleaning and inspection
    Strong and easily removable grid: enables easy access for cleaning and inspection as well as a rigid stable surface to walk on.

    Easy cart connection
    Custom designed special execution for accessories and transport trolleys. The machine can be equipped with special cart connections for water injection. Manual or automatic versions are available.

    Special applications
    Customised solutions with special drying programs or HPV (hydrogen peroxide vapor) decontamination according to customer needs. Upper level can be walked on and is designed for easy maintenance access version.

    Compliance and guidelines
    The planning and the production of our washing and drying systems is based on standards and guidelines recognized both worldwide as well as in the final installation country: GAMP - cGMP - A.S.M.E. - MCA - ISPE baseline - FDA - 21CFR part 11 - ISO 9001


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