Steelco Academy courses overview

from basic principles to designing a new facility

instrument-steelcoIntroduction to instrument and endoscope reprocessing

Suitable as a subject matter introduction or for those wishing to refresh their knowledge:
- applicable standards
- need for reprocessing
- invasive and non invasive instruments
- flow of instruments
- disinfection and sterilization

instrument-steelcoFocus on Sterilization

The course covers:
- applicable standards
- steam sterilization principles
- sterilizers and their cycles
- process monitoring
- overview on department planning

instrument-steelcoFocus on Disinfection

The course covers:
- applicable standards
- manual cleaning and ultrasonic units
- automated thermal and chemical washer disinfectors and cart washers
- chemistries and process monitoring
- overview on department planning

instrument-steelcoCSSD and/or endoscope department layout

For architects, equipment planners or those wishing to refurbish an existing or plan a new facility.
The course covers general considerations as well as suitable layouts based on:
- available floor plan
- current and future planned workloads and types of medical devices to be reprocessed

instrument-steelcoFlexible endoscope reprocessing

Day 1:
- the need for manual cleaning and high level disinfection
- design of flexible endoscopes and the decontamination challenges they create
- microbiology testing
- ensuring safety for those handling scopes and patients
- responsibility and expertise in endoscopy
- future trends

Day 2:
- review of the applicable sections of ISO 15883
- best practice and equipment to assist operators in manual cleaning
- principles and use of the ARES range of flexible endoscope reprocessors with interactive attendee participation using equipment
- correct endoscope handling and storage
- review of the traceability, user information and on line capabilities of the SteelcoData control system


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