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Technical Assistance

We are suppliers of integrated solutions and our added value is the application of the best technological knowledge and processes. We approach the specific problems to solve customers' most pressing needs at best, and also the aspects of support and technical assistance are consider important from the earliest stages of the project.

Steelco products are constantly improved and upgraded by a team of highly qualified engineers, technicians and support staff. All personnel is committed to ensure the safety, high performance and long life of all the products manufactured by Steelco.


Phone: +39 0423 7561
Address: Steelco S.p.A., Via Balegante, 27 31039 Riese Pio X (TV) - Italy

Technical Training Academy

Steelco offers it’s distributors and partners training courses on installation, servicing and validation of equipment in a hands on environment. Course lengths vary depending on the type and number of equipment involved, from 1 day up to 1 week course, depending on the aim and complexity of the systems.

Training courses for technical assistance aim at providing the acquisition of the necessary competences for the proper installation and use of Steelco devices through:

  • Base courses on Steelco devices
  • Advanced courses on specific product ranges
  • Specific courses on the implementation of new features or on systems integration.

Training certificates attest the competences acquired. The qualifications undergo annual checks in order to ensure the constant upgrade of our technicians.


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