Sustainability of Business Processes

We aim to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities by promoting more effective and sustainable measures and processes following a code of conduct that supports a circular economy. A constant commitment to research and active collaboration with major university centers to develop sustainability projects. Thanks to a local supply chain with factories and suppliers within a limited geographical area, we can minimize transport requirements—dialogue with stakeholders to share best practices and ensure that the supply chain meets the same environmental standards.

A Green Approach

Green Energy

We use 100% electricity from renewable sources in our headquarters and production facilities.

Of Packaging in Recycled Material

All primary packaging is mono-material: FSC Forest certified paper and cardboard. Since 2020 we are aiming at a completely "Polystyrene Free" packaging.

Less Plastic Bottles each Year

Thanks to the introduction of thermal flasks for all employees and water fountains installed in all plants.

Tonnes of Plastic Saved per Year

Thanks to the elimination of plastic bottles and glasses, replaced by compostable ones.

Environmental, Health and Safety Certifications

ISO 14001 Certification:
We adopt environmental management and consumption monitoring systems, planning and implementing increasingly effective green policies.

ISO 45001 Certification:
We guarantee our employees the highest health and safety standards, thanks to the application of certified management systems and constant improvement through the analysis of risk factors.

Code of Ethics

Ethical Code & Model of Organisation, Management and Control:
«Organizations that aspire to be successful in the long term need to establish and maintain a compliance culture, which considers the needs and expectations of interested parties» (UNI ISO 37301:2021). Starting from this assumption, the Steelco Group incorporates into its organization the culture of regulatory compliance, the basis and opportunity for building a commercial vision inspired by principles of reliability, solidity, social responsibility and sustainability.

Steelco’s people, drawing inspiration in their actions from the rules of conduct received in the Ethical Code and in the Organizational Model, contribute to giving daily concreteness and lasting value to Steelco’s vision. Our commitment to high ethical standards is reinforced by the adoption of a reporting system, i.e. whistleblowing.

Product Sustainability

We have constantly developed innovative solutions and technologies to improve efficiency and reduce consumption to benefit users and the environment.

Eco-Compatible Materials

The extensive use of stainless steel (100% recyclable) has always been the hallmark of our production. It is even the origin of the brand name. In addition, we have long since eliminated environmentally unfriendly chemicals used during testing in favor of non-impactful products in manufacturing.

Research and Development

The development of advanced control technologies such as the “4D Sensor” makes it possible to eliminate the environmental impact of using physical process indicators, transporting and storing them in controlled environments, and disposing them as non-recyclable waste.

Eco-Friendly Technology

To offer sustainable solutions also from the point of view of their reliability, durability, with reduced consumption of water, energy, and consumables. One example is that Steelco steam sterilizers, thanks to ECO technologies, reduce water consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional devices.

With a Focus on People

Safety and Welfare are primary objectives at Steelco, which has always been committed to a personal development policy, focusing on employee well-being and developing their potential in a healthy, dynamic, and inclusive environment.

Corporate Welfare

Based on health and well-being, an advanced welfare program with benefits such as private health insurance, the creation of an employee-friendly working environment with inclusive and recreational spaces such as the company’s vegetable garden and gym, training courses, as well as sporting and cultural events linked to the local territory.