EW 1 S MAXI: the latest breakthrough for maximum safety in endoscope reprocessing

Steelco is proud to present EW 1 S MAXI, the latest AER in the market at the forefront of innovation, to raise the bar in endoscope reprocessing.

To provide operators with the most reliable and efficient endoscope reprocessing devices, Steelco is introducing a brand-new model, EW 1 S MAXI, which has been developed in conjunction with leading decontamination specialists and which incorporates all the latest technologies to increase safety, efficiency, and ease of use in your endoscope reprocessing practices.

Indeed, the latest EW 1 S MAXI design features a technologically advanced evolution that allows automatically connecting the OCS into the chamber without operator intervention: unique and remarkable progress to reduce operator time and action for a lean and error-free process.

A concept of utmost importance behind the development of Steelco EW 1 S MAXI is the optimization of space. With its compact footprint and the maintenance access from the front, this endoscope washer model can be installed without any service gap, thus maximizing the use of available reprocessing space.

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