The Foundation

Ottorino Casonato, Fabio Zardini and Ivone Capovilla founded Steelco. Different skills, experiences, and stories converged to give life to an ambitious project. The result was producing the first series of washer-disinfectors for hospitals and healthcare facilities: the beginning of Steelco’s journey.


Steelco's Offer Grows

Steelco defined and manufactured new product lines and machines. The company developed tabletop and under-counter washer-disinfectors, high-capacity medical washer-disinfectors, and laboratory washer-disinfectors.


Automation: the Key to Success

Steelco expanded and perfected its offer with high productivity solutions. The first automated loading systems for CSSDs were introduced. A new way of designing and manufacturing with research and technological innovation is its driving value. The first foreign branch opened in Malaysia in the same year, followed by one in Hungary the following year.


The Pharma Division was Born

Steelco grew and expanded its areas of expertise to enter new markets. Supported by the experience gained and the ability to interact with customers, the company successfully accepted a new challenge, producing the first washers dedicated to Pharma & Life Science.


ARES Endoscope Reprocessing

You have to surpass yourself to grow, and Steelco always accepts new challenges. Only two years after launching its pharma division Pharma, the company entered a new market, producing reprocessing devices for flexible endoscopes: a complex sector already dominated by large multinational companies. These are the first steps of an extraordinary journey that will make the company the technological leader in this field.


Steelco Acquires ICOS

A further step towards an integrated offering of washing, disinfection, and sterilization:
Steelco acquired ICOS, a historic company producing autoclaves for the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors. By expanding the range of products and solutions, Steelco grew exponentially, both in the number of employees and turnover.


Steam Sterilizers for Pharma & Life Science

The pharma range enlarged with new sterilization solutions: saturated steam autoclaves are complemented with terminal sterilization solutions, ethylene oxide, and depyrogenation ovens.


Steelco Academy was born

The desire to support customers and disseminate know-how and best practices acquired led to the Steelco Academy’s foundation. The company launched an academy, a venue for training courses for customers and employees, a place to meet and exchange knowledge and human and professional experiences.


Never Stopping

Steelco launched the new range of Low-Temperature Sterilizers and developed reprocessing solutions for the instrumentation of the Da Vinci robotic surgery system. Two new Steelco sales offices opened in Mexico and Germany.


Joining MIELE Group

In 2017 Steelco achieved an important goal in its global growth path, becoming the “agile” brand of the Miele group, specializing in infection control equipment within the hospital, pharma, and life science sectors. An achievement confirming the value and potential of the company.
Thanks to the integration with the German group, Steelco is set to grow with new hires, strengthen the brand abroad, and share knowledge, support, and advanced solutions.

At the same time, the foundation of Steelco Service Italy strengthened after-sales services. New branches opened in Spain, France, Denmark, and Benelux, followed the next year by branches in Norway, Austria, and Switzerland.


4D Sensor, Welfare and Corporate Development

In cooperation with the Miele R&D center, Steelco launches the revolutionary 4D Sensor, the only instrument on the market to guarantee monitoring of steam penetration in hollow lumens for sterilization efficiency according to international standards.

Steelco strengthened its relationship with several Italian universities, investing in research but also in training and attracting new talents. Dynamism, team-building: people are increasingly at the center of company development. New welfare policies with the introduction of an 800 sqm vegetable garden and a 200 sqm wellness area dedicated to employees.
Two new Steelco branches opened in Belgium and the United Arab Emirates.


Covid-19: a Model of Management and Commitment

Steelco is directly involved in the effort to contain the virus in hospitals with its own washer-disinfectors and sterilizers. The company reorganized itself in record time and implemented exemplary systems and control measures to work safely. Service and production activities strengthened their ability to support and respond to the demanding needs of hospitals and emergency facilities worldwide.
The project is to provide mobile, easily transportable complete modular CSSD units to assist hospitals in constructing or renovating their sterilization facilities. The new Chinese subsidiary – Steelco Shanghai – is inaugurated at the beginning of the year.


The Fastest-Growing Company in the Market.

With a CAGR of +13.4% between 2019 and 2023, Steelco is today among the industry leaders and the fastest-growing company in the market. With 10 plants and 14 subsidiaries worldwide, more than 175 registered patents, and 20,000 installations, the company looks to the future with a view to continuous improvement, accepting the challenge of ever more ambitious goals.