Need a temporary CSSD?

With the Mobile CSSD 70, Steelco has developed a turnkey solution to meet all the needs in surgical instruments reprocessing during CSSD refurbishment periods in laboratories and hospitals. Set up within a single working day, Mobile CSSD 70 consists of a single, prefab module with 3 dedicated reprocessing areas (soiled, clean, sterile) already operational and equipped with all Steelco’s latest technologies. The highest process standards to manage all reprocessing procedures independently, without additional costs.

The advantages:

  • Cost reduction compared to other options up to 300%.
  • Fully validated solution
  • Compliance with all international standards
  • Existing staff can continue to be employed
  • Reductions in construction time of up to 50%
  • Better working conditions for staff
  • No investment in additional tools necessary
  • Quality of reprocessing remains under a hospital’s control

Mobile CSSD 70 arrives in the Netherlands – Watch the video!

Discover the Mobile CSSD here.
Download the catalogue here.

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