New DS 610 G2 Series

At Arab Health 2023 Steelco presents its new series of washer disinfectors for clinics and mid-sized CSSDs.

Engineered with sustainability in mind, the DS 610 G2 Series, with its 12-DIN-tray capacity, has been developed to limit water and energy consumption whilst delivering high productivity and process efficiency.

To help you achieve your sustainability goals, the new DS 610 G2 Series offers:

  • optimal cleaning performance combined with water and energy saving features;
  • ready for cloud services and providing detailed cycle traceability;
  • a smart and intuitive interface, with easy-to-read colour-coded messages on the display and changing chamber light according to device status;
  • a wide range of accessories and a modular rack system granting high flexibility and specialization;
  • high productivity on a compact footprint;
  • reduced maintenance frequency with easy service access.

Moreover, thanks to the Power Pulse Cleaning technology, this new series of washer disinfectors reduce or eliminate manual pre-washing activities on complex hollow instruments used in minimally invasive surgery. Save more than 50% water and chemicals consumption as well as staff time when compared to current processes.


To find out more on this product and how Steelco solutions can improve the sustainability of your sterilization process, contact Steelco.

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DS 610 G2 Series

DS 610 G2 Series

Washer Disinfectors for Clinics and Mid-sized CSSDs - 12 DIN trays

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