NJM: Steelco new North American pharma representative

NJM is the new Steelco exclusive North American representative for pharma and biopharma equipment


RIESE PIO X – ITALY, MONTREAL – CANADA, DEC. 1, 2022 – NJM, a ProMach product brand, has been appointed the exclusive North American representative of pharma and biopharma equipment for Steelco. NJM is responsible for sales and service of Steelco’s cleaning and sterilization systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech, nutraceutical and medical device industries in the United States and Canada.

NJM already offers tablet, powder and liquid processing and packaging. Through the addition of the Steelco portfolio NJM is able to help manufacturers and contract packagers maximize operating efficiencies while achieving the highest product quality.

“Both Steelco and NJM are dedicated to providing customers with added value at every step, starting with tailored solutions for each unique application and backing that up with outstanding service. Our approach is more customer-centered than just selling a ‘simple’ machine,” said Saverio Cornacchia, Sales Director – Pharma Division at Steelco. “Our partnership with NJM enables North American manufacturers and packagers to benefit from our combined expertise in the pharma and biopharma industry.”

“With the addition of Steelco, we’re expanding our portfolio to include related systems that complement the complete, turnkey packaging solutions we’ve been providing for decades. Some of our equipment uses parts, containers, or other accessories that require washing and/or sterilizing – Steelco addresses this need perfectly. We’re very excited about this new partnership,” said Steve Leduc, Vice President and General Manager of NJM. “The Steelco culture of customer-driven innovation and quality engineering thoroughly aligns with NJM’s commitment to being a trusted and knowledgeable partner to manufacturers and contract packagers.”

This agreement has been signed to benefit customers by providing a full range of solutions: NJM’s processing and packaging solutions, and Steelco’s washers and sterilizers to process pharma and biopharma equipment. Thanks to our shared values and ethics, we will bring the highest product quality and support to the North American and Canadian industries.

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