AC 1200

Compact Cage and Bottle Washer

AC 1200 is a compact size washing device specially designed to wash and sanitize all types of animal care equipment of your vivarium: cages, feeding bottles, and fish tanks. The compact design grants the highest flexibility of installation and minimizes operating costs.

Available as a single door or double door version for pass-through application, the device offers the highest levels of cleaning efficacy, with micro-organisms’ thermal/chemical destruction by rinsing at 85°C / 185F through an independent hydraulic circuit ensuring a contamination-free environment. Electrical or steam heated, the unit is equipped with a double dosage unit for chemicals as standard; additional dosing systems can be added upon request.

AC 1200 features an upper drop-down vertical space-saving sliding loading door. The lower section of the door, when open, acts as a loading platform for the loading tray allowing a convenient loading and unloading job. A comprehensive range of dedicated accessories allows for the optimized loading of animal cages and washing carts with injection systems for bottles.


Key Features

Hygienic Design

High-quality AISI 316 L stainless steel chamber and doors combined with AISI 304 external body for long-term reliability and maximum hygiene.

Water and energy saving

An elaborate system of recirculation and reuse of the water used during the final rinse significantly reducing energy and water consumption.

Dosing Efficiency

An integrated chemical dosing pump, controlled by a microprocessor, allows modifying the quantity of product required adapting it to every type of cycle.

Process Quality

Flow meters for redundancy chemical dosing control and a conductivity sensor for accurate measuring of the conductivity value during the final rinse are available as options.

Intuitive Control System

User-friendly PLC control panel, allowing for 40 programming options.


RS 232 port for printer. USB port for historical cycle data download and software upgrades. Integrated printer available as option.

ISO 9001 Certified Quality System and ISO 13485 Medical Division. In addition, our products are subject to rigorous quality control systems and inspections. This coupled with continuously training of our technically specialized personnel ensures the best in class product solutions and support.

Chamber Volume
~780 lt / 27.50 cu ft

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
Single Door Version
1200 x 1000 x 1900 mm
47.24″ x 39.37″ x 74.80″

Double Door Version
1245 x 1030 x 1900 mm
49.02″ x 40.55″ x 74.80″