AC 7500

Cage and Rack Washer - Hinged Door

The AC 7500 cage and rack washer is a heavy-duty, large capacity, hydro-spray, steam or electrically heated washer specifically designed to support the throughput of medium and large-size biomedical research facilities such as vivariums and laboratories.

Extremely versatile layout configurations: floor mounted or pit mounted, single door or double door pass-through version, with a manual hinged door in a full glass or stainless steel with window. Its compact size and frontal access for servicing allow it to be installed in premises of reduced dimensions.

In order to meet all client needs, the hydraulic circuit can be designed with a single process circuit for recirculated wash and rinse phases or with a full wash and rinse circuit separation. Both configurations are equipped with two dosage units and, upon request, can be equipped with side heated water tanks to grant high flexibility in cycle development. Multiple oscillating spray arms guarantee complete and continuous coverage of the load and the chamber providing excellent wash results in a short cycle time.

The AC 7500 series of cage and rack washers features operator multi-language touch screen HMI with auto diagnostic checking that continually monitors and displays status.

Key Features

Enviromental Sustainability

Running cost saving of up to 95% compared to conventional design: 75% time saving, 95% water saving, 95% energy saving.

Flexible Hydraulic Configurations

Hydraulic circuit available with a single process circuit or with a full wash and rinse circuit separation. Additional pre-heating wash tanks can be specified when different chemicals are used or to reduce cycle time.

Loading/Unloading Solutions

Tailor-made presentation racks for cages and bottles or automatic loading solutions to maximize efficiency and decrease work-related injuries.

Dosing System

Standard equipped with two chemical dosage units and flow meters for accurate volumetric dosing. Additional dosing unit for rinse aid or disinfectant available upon request.

Drying Efficacy

Loads are exposed to a hot air flow system to assist in the drying of exposed surfaces. Electrical or steam drying system with blowers available.

Easy Maintanance

Maintenance access to all components can be done from the front and rear sides of the device.

Product Video

ISO 9001 Certified Quality System. In addition, our products are subject to rigorous quality control systems and inspections. This coupled with continuous training of our technically specialized personnel ensures the best in class product solutions and support.

Door Dimension WxH
1170 x 2150 mm
46” x 84.6”

Chamber Depth
2300 mm / 90″

Pit depth
100 mm / 3.9” or 150 mm / 5.9” – According to machine configuration

Overall dimensions
The overall dimensions may vary according to machine configuration and customer requirements. Custom dimensions available upon request.