BP 100 HLA

Full Glass Sliding-Door Disinfector

BP 100 HLA bedpan washer-disinfectors perform the emptying, washing, and disinfection of bedpans and urine bottles in fully automatic mode. These bedpan washer characteristics improve the working condition, optimize the cleaning results, and reduce the risk of contamination. An infra-red proximity switch or a foot pedal allows the operator to automatically open and close the space-saving sliding door, avoiding any staff’s physical contact. The machine is equipped with a rotating holder to ensure easy and safe loading, preventing any risk of spillage.

BP 100 HLA is fitted with a full HST glass sliding-up door. The multifunction holder/support allows combined simultaneous treatment of urine bottles, bedpans, suction bottles, and buckets. A wide range of supports is available suited to the containers most commonly used worldwide.

Key Features

High Processing Capacity

Simultaneous treatment of 2 urine bottles and 1 bedpan with lid or other combination with suction bottles or buckets.

Excellent Washing Results

Fixed and rotating nozzles provide optimum water distribution on the inside and outside the treated items for optimal washing efficacy.

Self-Disinfecting Device

Steam is conveyed through the washing nozzles to ensure the complete disinfection of the washing circuit during each process.

Hands-Free Opening

Door opening controlled by an infra-red sensor, allowing hand-free loading, without any physical contact with the washer. Available in some models only.

Drying and Cooling Efficacy

High-efficiency Hepa 14 filtered drying/cooling fan system provides even and fast-drying, guaranteeing all receptacles to be rapidly dried and cooled down.


Port for printer connection. ST2 integrated printer and USB port available as an option.

Steelco Flusher Disinfectors are designed and constructed to comply with the latest European and UK guidelines on decontamination EN ISO 15883-1/3.
Steelco Flusher Disinfectors are classified CE Medical Device (Community rule 93/42/EEC).

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
600 x 610 x 1750 mm
23.62″ x 24.02″ x 68.90″