BP 100 HXL Series

Bedpan Washer Disinfectors - Large Capacity

The BP 100 HXL Series of high capacity, flexible load bedpan washers are specifically designed to handle and disinfect all reusable items such as bedpans, urine bottles, buckets, and closestool pots, assuring the hygienical security of both the patients and the nursing staff.

The BP 100 HXL Series of washer-disinfectors is equipped with a soft-touch control panel with a graphic color display. The control panel surface comprises a single glass surface for perfect cleaning and disinfection to assure the operator better protection against contamination when operating the machine and selecting the cycle type.

Key Features

Processing Capacity

Simultaneous treatment of 2 bedpans with lids with up to 4 urine bottle. 1 close stool pot or 2 buckets with up to 4 urine bottles.

Safe and Easy Loading

Soiled goods are loaded at an ergonomic working height. The door acts as a loading platform and supports the bedpan/urine bottles holder. The closing of the door automatically tips and empties pans and bottles.

Self-Disinfecting Device

Steam is conveyed through the washing nozzles to ensure the complete disinfection of the washing circuit during each process.

Chemical Storage

Chemical tanks can conveniently be stored inside the lockable cabinet in the machine basement.

Drying and Cooling Efficacy

High-efficiency Hepa 14 filtered drying/cooling fan system provides even and fast-drying, guaranteeing all receptacles to be rapidly dried and cooled down.


Port for printer connection. ST2 integrated printer and USB port available as an option

Steelco Flusher Disinfectors are designed and constructed to comply with the latest European and UK guidelines on decontamination EN ISO 15883-1/3.
Steelco Flusher Disinfectors are classified CE Medical Device (Community rule 93/42/EEC).

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
602 x 560 x 1695 mm
23.62″ x 22.05″ x 77.36”