DS 600

Washer Disinfector - up to 8 DIN Trays

DS 600 represents the ideal aid for washing, thermal disinfection, and forced hot air drying of all types of surgical instruments, with a processing capacity for up to 8 DIN trays. An efficient hot air drying system ensures perfect drying of all instruments and tubes after disinfection thanks to the accurate distribution of air on all chamber zones and wash-cart levels. The device is available as a single door or double door for pass-through application versions.

DS 600 is equipped with a manual frontal loading hinged door and a user-friendly soft-touch control system on a glass panel with an LCD color display to visualize cycle status. The loading and unloading washing carts operations can be done at an ergonomic height by using manual or automatic single loading/unloading transfer trolleys.

Key Features

Flexible Solutions

According to your needs, capable of processing up to 8 DIN trays.

Excellent Washing Results

Double washing pumps to ensure a high water flow rate combined with an effective spray pressure.

Effective Thermal Disinfection

Washing and disinfection temperatures are fully adjustable up to 93°C / 199 F. Temperature is monitored by two independent sensors.


The convenient design of the door level height allows the user a frictionless loading/unloading job.

Drying Efficacy

Built-In HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system providing even and fast drying of surgical instruments. Adjustable time and temperature settings for the optimization of cycle duration and energy consumption.


Printer connection to monitor and validate washing phases. USB port for historical cycle data download and software upgrades.

Steelco washer disinfectors are designed to comply with the European EN ISO 15883-1/2 guidelines on decontamination and are classified CE medical device (Community Rule 93/42/EEC).

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
650 x 660 x 1685 mm
25.59″ x 25.98″ x 66.34″

Chamber Volume
~200 lt / 7.06 cu ft

Basket Volume
~170 lt / 6.03 cu ft

Load Capacity
Up to 8 DIN 1/1 trays