Dumping Station

Flexible Bedding Disposal Station

The dumping station is a standalone bedding disposal unit designed to provide a clean and expansive workspace, allowing operators to safely dispose of animal bedding from a range of cages sizes without fear of allergens, dander, and dust escaping. The plug-and-play, flexible bedding disposal station comes as standard with a single chute and tabletop, providing a spacious working area ideal for handling small and large cages.

With a user-friendly design with unmatched cleanability and removable components that can pass through a cage washer, the bedding disposal station uses a three-stage air filtration process, guaranteeing user protection. Air from the work area is extracted away from the user and passed through a mesh, prefilter, and then HEPA filter, removing any and all allergens, dust, and dander.

Key Features

Active Airflow Technology

Active Airflow Technology protects operators when tying off and removing waste bins. Air is drawn away from the user at bin level to protect them from any laboratory animal allergens released during this procedure.


Universal Cage Compatibility

A large and open work area allows for rodent cages of various shapes and sizes to be emptied easily while preventing dust, dander, and allergens from escaping.

Three Stage Filtration

The three-stage filtration process starts by drawing air and potential allergens away from the user, preventing exposure. After the air is drawn away, it passes through the filtration process, finishing with an H14 HEPA filter.

Optimised Workflow

The unit’s spacious work surface provides you with ample room to safely work with various cages. The sliding work surface allows you to break down complete cages within the station’s safe working environment.

Unrivalled Cleanability

Easily removable doors and sides facilitate easy access and a simple cleaning procedure. The fully removable work area components make it the most accessible waste station on the market.

Easy On-Site Setup

Utilizing a standard interchangeable mains plug and locking castor wheels, the standalone waste disposal unit can be quickly and easily installed, even by non-technical personnel.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
1213 x 822 x 1975 mm
47.75” x 32.36” x 77.75”

Bin Capacity
120 lt / 7323 cu inch