EPW 100 S

Semi-Automatic Device supporting Endoscopes Manual Cleaning

EPW 100 S is an automated system assisting manual cleaning. Thanks to the automatization of the leak test and the washing and the rinsing of the endoscope channels, it supports operators eliminating the risk of injury and errors. Equipped with a user-friendly HMI, the device permits hands-free instrument and operator identification through a bar code reader or RFID system.

EPW 100 S is compatible with OCS One-Time Connection System, a single connection system shared by pre-washing, washing/disinfection, and drying/storage devices -drastically reducing the risk of errors and endoscope manipulation throughout the process.
This model provides a record of the cycle that can be printed, transferred to a USB stick, or integrated into the SteelcoData traceability system. The device allows total immersion of endoscopes according to most European country guidelines.

Key Features


Rapid, easy, and traceable semi-automation of manual cleaning—continuous leak test, channels flushing, rinsing, and purging.


Fast, hands-free hygienical selection of endoscopes and operators through the “built-in” barcode reader or RFID System.


Automatic dosing of single-shot detergent eliminating any risk of waste.

Easy Residue Testing

In a single gesture, the device conveys the rinsing water into a container for organic residue testing.

Intuitive Control Panel

Easy to use “soft touch” control panel for a perfect cleaning and disinfection of the display to assure the operator a better protection when selecting functions.

Full Traceability

Washing phases data can be printed, export via USB or integrated into the SteelcoData traceability system.

Product Video

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
450 x 280 x 230 mm
17.71″ x 11.02″ x 9.45″