Endoscope Reprocessor with Automatic OCS Coupling

EW 1 S MAXI is an automatic endoscope reprocessor for low-temperature washing and high-level disinfection/liquid sterilization of one flexible endoscope, two video broncho/cystoscopes, or up to three fiber broncho/cystoscopes. It also allows the treatment of rigid endoscopes. EW 1 S MAXI is compatible with OCS One-Time Connection System technology, a single connection system shared among pre-washing, washing/disinfection, and drying/storage devices. In this model, the OCS connector is automatically coupled through a pneumatic piston located on the top of the washing chamber.

Available as single door or double door pass-through versions, EW 1 S MAXI has been developed to fully comply with EN ISO 15883-4 and ISO 14937 in combination with its validated set of chemistry for high-level disinfection or liquid sterilization processes at low temperature. The devices can also perform thermal self-disinfection. An RFID system for endoscopes and operators recognition enables the cycle activation without touching the external surfaces of the machine. Service accessibility from the front, meaning no need to have extra space to the sides in pass-through installations and easier maintenance.

Key Features

Flexible Solution

Treatment of one standard flexible endoscope, up to two video bronchoscopes/cystoscopes and up to three fiber bronchoscopes/cystoscopes.

Smaller Footprint, Bigger Chamber

Low consumption with a small footprint, yet with a bigger chamber and washing cart dimensions in comparison with EW 1 S.

Chemicals RFID Safety

Identification of the process chemicals and registration of the lot number and expiration date. A critical safety application to make sure that only the validated chemicals will be used in order to comply with ISO 15833-4 requirements.

Hands-Free Process

Doors are automatically opened through a foot pedal or RFID sensor for hands-free endoscope loading and unloading operations.

Frontal Maintenance

Service accessibility from the front allows more accessible maintenance activities and a reduced footprint for better exploitation of the space

Full Traceability

Faster endoscope and operator recognition through barcode/RFID reader options. Cycle details can be printed by the built-in thermal printer or alternatively registered in the optional SteelcoData traceability software.

Product Video

Double ISO 15883-4 & ISO 14937 compliance.
– ISO 15883-4 validated High-Level Disinfection cycles allow a fast endoscopes turnover even in busy departments
– ISO 14937 validated Liquid Sterilization cycles for a “ready to go” cycle performed directly in the Point of Use in Pneumology, Urology, and Gastroenterology Departments where higher standards are required.

Single and Double Door Version

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
650 x 587 x 1850 mm
25.59″ x 23.11″ x 72.83″