EW 1 Series

Compact Endoscope Reprocessors

The EW 1 Series of automatic endoscope reprocessors is designed for low-temperature washing and high-level disinfection/liquid sterilization of one flexible endoscope, two video broncho/cystoscopes, or up to four fiber broncho/cystoscopes of the major brands and models available in the market. The series also allows the treatment of rigid endoscopes. The devices’ compact design assures low cycle costs by minimizing water, chemicals, and energy consumption, guaranteeing an optimal level of infection control and prevention.

Endowed with a stainless steel base for the storage of process chemicals, EW 1 series’ design provides an installation set for any facility. Available as single door or double door pass-through versions, EW 1 can also be ordered in its “rack configuration,” having two units installed, one on top of the other in a unique frame structure. EW 1 has been developed to fully comply with EN ISO 15883-4 and EN ISO 14937 in combination with its validated set of chemistry for high-level disinfection or liquid sterilization processes at low temperature.

Key Features

Flexible Solution

Treatment of one standard flexible endoscopes, up to two video bronchoscopes/cystoscopes, and up to four fiber bronchoscopes/cystoscopes.


Ergonomic loading and unloading thanks to the hinged door that acts as a stand and as an anti-dripping surface, thus helping keep the floor dry, clean, and safe.

Thermal Self-Disinfection

Automatic and programmable thermal self-disinfection cycle of the chamber, the washing cart, and the hydraulic circuit according to the preferred method indicated in EN ISO 15883-4.


A compact and highly flexible design. Also available in a rack configuration with two units installed one on top of the other in a unique frame structure to fit even the most restricted spaces.

Asynchronous Reprocessing

The rack configuration allows the complete asynchronous reprocessing of endoscopes in two completely independent units.

Full Traceability

Faster endoscope and operator recognition through barcode/RFID reader options. Cycle details can be stored on a memory stick connected to the integrated USB interface, printed by the built-in thermal printer, or alternatively registered in the optional SteelcoData traceability software.


EW 1

Available as a single or double door version, EW 1 provides an installation set for any facility.

Single Door Version

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
600 x 630 x 953 mm
23.62″ x 24.80″ x 37.20”

Double Door Version

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
710 x 570 x 1206 mm
27.95″ x 22.44″ x 47.48″

EW 1 Rack Version

Available as a single or double door version, the rack configuration consists of two machines installed on top of each other in a unique frame structure that shares the same chemical storage compartment. This space-saving option provides the system with two asynchronous and independent chambers to maximize workflow without the delay of having to wait for a second endoscope.

Single Door Version

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
750 x 690 x 1643 mm
29.53″ x 27.16″ x 64.68″

Double Door Version

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
860 x 570 x 1663 mm
33.86″ x 22.44″ x 65.47″

Double ISO 15883-4 & ISO 14937 compliance.
– ISO 15883-4 validated High-Level Disinfection cycles allow a fast endoscopes turnover even in busy departments
– ISO 14937 validated Liquid Sterilization cycles for a “ready to go” cycle performed directly in the Point of Use in Pneumology, Urology, and Gastroenterology Departments where higher standards are required.