EW 2 S Series

Endoscope Reprocessor with OCS system - 2 or 3 Endoscopes Capacity

The EW 2 S Series of automatic endoscope reprocessors is designed for low-temperature washing and disinfection of flexible endoscopes of the major brands available in the market. Available in two models: the 2S allows the synchronous reprocessing of up to two standard flexible endoscopes or up to six broncho/cystoscopes, while the 3S has a processing capacity of up to three standard flexible endoscopes or of up to nine broncho/cystoscopes. It also allows the treatment of rigid scopes and TEE probes with dedicated solutions.

The EW 2 S Series is compatible with OCS One-Time Connection System technology, a single connection system shared among pre-washing, washing/disinfection, and drying/storage devices. Available as single door or double door pass-through versions, the models are equipped with sliding drawers that allow easy instrument loading and unloading operations, allowing ergonomic and effortless general operation. The EW 2 S Series has been developed to fully comply with EN ISO 15883-4 and incorporate all the latest innovative technologies.

Key Features

Flexible Solution

Treatment for two or three flexible endoscopes, up to six or nine fiber broncho/cystscopes, up to four or six video broncho/cystoscopes and up to two TEE probes.

Safe Case for TEE Probes

Safe Case enables the reprocessing of TEE probes. The electrical transducer, the connection cable and the operating unit are protected in a hermetically sealed case, while the flexible tube remains exposed to the washing and high-level disinfection process.

Chemicals RFID Safety

Identification of the process chemicals and registration of the lot number and expiration date. A critical safety application to make sure that only the validated chemicals will be used in order to comply with ISO 15833-4 requirements.

Easy Loading

Single door or double door pass-through versions with motorized automatic sliding door, sliding drawers allow easy endoscope loading and unloading.

Workflow Optimization

Dedicated mesh trays are compatible with ED 200 S series of drying cabinets.

Full Traceability

Faster endoscope and operator recognition through the barcode/RFID reader option. Cycle details can be printed by the built-in thermal printer or alternatively registered in the optional SteelcoData traceability software.

Product Video

ISO 15883-4 compliance.
– Compliant to ISO 15883-4 with validated High Level Disinfection cycles that allow a fast endoscopes turnover in busy departments.

Single and Double Door Version

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
860 x 710 x 1960 mm
33.86″ x 27.95″ x 77.16″