LC 20

Compact Trolley Washer Disinfector

LC 20 is a compact, complete and multipurpose washing and disinfection device with a powerful forced HEPA 14 filtered hot air drying system. Designed explicitly for CSSD configuration when space is at a premium, It is the trolley and cart washer with the smallest footprint in the market. Frontal access to all major service components enables installation in restricted spaces. The device is available in two main configurations, for thermal or for chemical disinfection.

Available as single door or double door pass-through versions—this latter version is suitable for barrier installation for preventing cross-contamination. A PLC microprocessor with a user-friendly HMI allows operators to refine the process and personalize the washing and disinfection programs.

Key Features

Washing Capacity

Washing capacity of up to 16x STU.

Drying Efficacy

Built-In HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system providing total removal of the rinse water residues. Warm air inside the chamber is homogeneously distributed for fast and efficient drying.

Easy Installation

The trolley washer is designed for pit mounting in a 110 mm deep pit, allowing direct floor loading of large, heavy or bulky items. Where pit mounting is not possible, the machine may be floor mounted with a small ramp or Steelco lifting platform for easy loading/unloading of the trolleys.


An easily adjustable guide rail ensures perfect alignment for any trolley for a convenient loading/unloading process.

5.7" User Friendly HMI

PLC microprocessor with a user-friendly 5.7″ touch screen color LCD display HMI, allowing for 65 programming options.


USB port printer connection for machine data backup. Remote monitoring and data management with the optional SteelcoData traceability software.

Certifications: CE certified machine following the 93/42/EEC directive.
Thermal disinfection version EN ISO 15883-1/2 compliant.
Chemical disinfection version EN ISO 15883-1/6 compliant.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
1800 x 1660 x 2460 mm
70.87” x 65.35” x 96.85

Washing Chamber Capacity
Up to 16x STU