M-ATS Self-Driving Robot Transfer System

Automated Guided Vehicle for Steam Sterilizers

M-ATS represents the most innovative solution for transferring goods in a CSSD department. It is a self-driving robot able to move high volumes of washing loads and sterilization containers without direct human control and handling. Unlike more traditional manual and automated systems, this specific robot drastically reduces the number of conveyors and trolleys needed in loading and unloading areas, with practical benefits in operator productivity.

M-ATS can manage, monitor, and trace the entire workflow of a CSSD, allowing staff to focus on other essential activities.

Key Features

Less Injuries

Reduction of the risk of injuries related to manual loading and unloading of heavy loads.


Safe and efficient handling even in the presence of people and obstacles without any service interruption, with colored safety sensors.


More flexibility during the initial implementation phase and overtime in process configuration, tasks, and priorities.

Product Video