PL 130

Low Temperature Vaporized H2O2 Sterilizers - High Capacity

PL 130 is a low-temperature sterilization system with a chamber capacity of up to 148 litres / 5.21 cu ft. This device is designed for the terminal sterilization of packaged medical devices such as surgical instrumentation sensitive to heat and humidity. It is suitable for surgical instruments in metal, metal alloys, light non-metallic alloys, micro-surgery instruments, instruments with lumen with a maximum length of up to 2200 mm / 86.6″ and a minimum diameter of up to 0,5 mm / 0.02″. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization with SteelcoPro PL sterilizing agent is safe, fast, and environmentally friendly – operating with low pressure and low temperature for protecting instruments and reducing energy consumption.

Available as single door or double door versions, it is equipped with an automatic space-saving sliding door. PL 130 is controlled by a PLC digital microprocessor with a 10″ color touch screen HMI. Loading and unloading operations can be done at an ergonomic height. The loading height is ergonomically placed at 920 mm / 36.22″.

Key Features

Small Footprint

The sliding door solution of the PL 130 allows reducing space in the clean area in favor of packaging and easier loading/unloading of the instruments.

Excellent Penetration

Excellent penetration into hollow instruments: Lumens: Ø ≥ 0.5 length ≤ 2200 mm, with single, double, and triple channels.

Immediately Available

The models of the PL series are all Plug & Play, ready to be started quickly in any location.

Loading Flexibility

Loading flexibility thanks to chamber modularity with semi-extractable shelves and a perfect range of accessories, including baskets and inserts.

Environmental Sustanaibility

Hydrogen Peroxide emissions are up to 70 times lower than the most restrictive guidelines thanks to the triple safety system for reducing H2O2 release: plasma generator, catalyzed converter, and an active carbon filter.

RFID or Barcode Recognition

All the devices have the option of the Barcode or RFID scanner for easy and quick recognition of the operator and the load.

Product Video

Steelco sterilizers conform to:

European Directive for Medical Devices:
• 93/42/EEC and its revised versions

Technical norms and standards:
• EN ISO 14937 (ANSI/AAMI)
• EN ISO 14971
• UNI EN ISO 17665-1
• IEC EN 61010-1
• IEC EN 61010-2-040
• EN 62366-1
• IEC EN 61326-1

Single Door Version

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
770 x 1040 x 1685 mm
30.3” x 40.94” x 66.34”

Chamber Volume
~143 lt / 5,05 cu ft

Double Door Version

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
770 x 1070 x 1685 mm
30.3” x 42.13” x 66.34”

Chamber Volume
~148 lt / 5.21 cu ft